How to Reduce Energy Expenses of your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Being a business owner or property manager, you know that a small oversight could turn into a costly issue over time. This is why it's critically essential to make sure the HVAC system runs effectively throughout the year. Preventative maintenance and simple routines can make a difference in your commercial air conditioning system.

Conduct an energy audit

How much energy does your building use each day, week or month? Are there some periods that are the most expensive when it comes to utility costs? Has a commercial air conditioning service professional checked your HVAC system recently? All these are key questions that inform your energy decisions now and for the months or years ahead. It's advisable to compare usage rates every year, so gather the information.

Turn off unused electronics, lights, and appliances

Studies have shown that a lot of energy is wasted on office equipment left "on" or plugged in unnecessarily. Thermostats set to heat or cool offices on holidays, weekends or other off periods increase costs. Ensure energy isn't wasted when your workers aren't in your building. Also, remind your employees to always unplug the equipment they don't require, and avoid cooling and heating empty rooms unnecessarily.

Clean or replace the air filters

A dirty filter lessens the airflow and forces the commercial air conditioning system to work hard, causing it to use more energy. Experts recommend that you clean or change the filters each month, especially during peak cooling and heating periods. This reduces energy consumption and wear and tear on the equipment while promoting the circulation of cleaner air at your workplace. Whether you own a small or large commercial building, physical inspection of the filter is required; make sure you clean and replace the filters regularly.

Ensure thermostats are located wisely

Poorly placed thermostats result in unnecessary cooling and heating expenses. Placement near fans, doors, windows, or severe drafts affects the thermostat temperature measurement, meaning the HVAC system will respond at the wrong time.

Placing thermostats near coffee makers, copiers, computers and any other equipment that generates heat can translate into incorrect readings. Have a professional check on the thermostats to ensure they are in the right place, and you will reduce costs each day, without sacrificing comfort.

A certified technician will inspect your HVAC equipment to ensure its right for you. They can also offer a customized plan to keep your system running smoothly. With regular maintenance and inspections, your commercial building's energy bills will be reduced significantly. 

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