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3 Tips That Commercial Building Managers Should Know About Fire Safety Procedures For Persons With Disabilities

Every year, scores of people get killed or injured by building fires across the globe. The risks related to fires are unique when it comes to people living with disabilities. In the event of a fire, people with disabilities face challenges that further increase the risk of death and injury. Without a helping hand, an […]

Should You Choose Aluminum Over Steel For Your Project?

Whether you’re looking to add a metallic element to your kitchen benchtops at home or are in charge of a production facility that creates metal products, you probably need to decide between aluminum and steel. Both are often readily available and, while steel may often be thought of as the stronger option, aluminum has many […]

Autism and How to Stop Your Child from Running Away

If you have a child with autism, you are no doubt familiar with the fear that your child will make a run for it once your back is turned. Well, you are not alone. A 2012 study in the journal Pediatrics found that the tendency for autistic children to wander was common, with nearly half of all autistic spectrum disorder […]

Tank Pumps | 3 Vigilant Deliberations When Buying A Pump For Your Home’s Water Tank

Water pumps or pressure pumps are vital for pushing pressurised tank water from the tank into the different taps inside your home. These tank pumps are ideal for both indoor and outdoor water applications, whether you’re looking to bathe or water your garden. But choosing tank pumps can be overwhelming when you’re buying them for […]

How to Choose a Car Lift for Your Residential Garage

A car lift can be a good investment for any residential garage if you do your own car repairs or work on cars as a hobby. They can increase safety, as there is typically less chance of a car falling on you when it’s on an actual lift versus just being jacked up, and they […]

The Advantages of Using Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Cable Ladders at Your Workplace

If your organisation involves industrial processes, cable management is something you will want to take seriously. With the possibility of using electrical cables in various industrial processes, the safety of your workers is something you will give prime consideration. One of the measures of effective cable management is choosing the best materials for the structures […]

Five Things You Need to Clean and Maintain Your Power Tools

If you clean and maintain your power tools, they stay in better condition and ultimately work better. You don’t need much to maintain them, but you do need a few supplies. Here’s what you should stock in your power tool cleaning kit: 1. Shop Vac and Compressed Air To remove sawdust from bench saws and […]

3 Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows refers to windows that have two panes of glass, with a layer of air or a type of inert gas in between the panes. These windows are becoming very popular today, since they are more energy-efficient; they allow less heat to escape the home during winter months and less heat to enter […]

Important Elements in the Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Process

The hydraulic cylinder is an important and integral component in construction equipment, manufacturing plant systems and other general industrial machines. Therefore, it is critical to promote the optimal function of the module in your commercial or industrial setup. The failure of the hydraulic cylinder will compromise the operation of your equipment, resulting in significant losses. […]

Avoid Hydraulic Hose Repairs Through Preventive Maintenance Servicing

Hydraulic hoses are a vital part of your hydraulic systems. Being the systems that house the hydraulic fluids while in transit, hydraulic hoses play a crucial role in determining the functionality and efficiency of your plants or machinery. One way to keep your hydraulic hoses in great condition and avoid emergency repairs is to undertake […]