Choosing the Correct Air Cannon: 2 Top Tips

If you operate an industrial manufacturing company, you will understand the serious impact which blockages can have in your pipes and other delivery systems. If you are unable to pump or transport materials from one location to another or to transport them to the machines which produce your products, you will soon see that the productivity and profitability of your company take a hit. One way of tackling this issue is to invest in an air cannon which can fire powerful jets of air into pipes in order to remove any material which is clogging them. However, before you invest in this equipment, it is essential that you choose the right type of air cannon. Below is a guide to 3 things you should consider when purchasing an air cannon.

The Pattern Created By The Nozzle

An air cannon will be fitted with a nozzle which directs the high-pressure air out of the equipment and into the pipe or delivery system you wish to clear of debris. There are a number of different styles of nozzle available, which each have their own blast pattern. The two most common types of nozzles are the 'fan' and the 'pipe'. As the name suggests, a fan nozzle is designed to fire high-pressure air out in a wide fan shape. A pipe nozzle fires a jet of air which is much more concentrated on one area. While fan nozzles are best for wider pipes and tubes, they do not have the same range as a pipe nozzle, which is better suited to narrower pipes. If you are unsure which type of nozzle would be best for your set-up, you should speak to a professional sales contractor who specialises in industrial equipment.

The Operational Temperatures

The temperatures inside an industrial environment can get very high, particularly around machines which are operating at high speeds or which are transporting heated plastics or metals. When purchasing an air cannon, it is vital that you invest in equipment which can cope with the high temperature to which it may be exposed in an industrial environment. If you do not take high temperatures into account, the air cannon you purchase may not be able to function as it should. Ideally, you should look for an air cannon which is made from stainless steel.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact your local industrial equipment supply company.