Engineering Plastic Components That Cycling Enthusiasts Should Consider For Their Bicycles

As an ardent cyclist, you always want to derive the best experience out of your bicycle. This is especially the case if you participate in local cycling competitions often. During such competitions, the difference between a good performance and a bad one depends on the capabilities of your bike by a big factor. Nonetheless, technology has provided a range of features and components that can give you the much-desired competitive edge, for instance, engineered plastics. These plastics have provided an alternative to traditional materials such as metal in the manufacture of bicycle parts. This article highlights ways you can use engineered plastics to enhance your bike's performance, whether competing or cycling for leisure.

Bearings -- Compared to metal bearings, engineered plastic bearings offer much better performance. For instance, bicycle shocks that are manufactured from engineered plastics are much better at absorbing extreme shocks as well as dampening vibrations. The excellent shock absorption characteristic provides an advantage especially when cycling on uneven terrain at high speeds. Additionally, plastic bearings are easy to maintain since they do not require periodic lubrication like metal bearings. Consequently, their rate of wear is greatly reduced thereby offering cost saving on regular repair and maintenance.

Bicycle Saddle -- One of the most important parts of a bicycle is the saddle because it affects how effectively a cyclist can coordinate body movement. In most cases, bicycle saddles consist of sponged leather that is fitted on a metal frame. While such a saddle will serve its purpose, the design compromises comfort. On the other hand, engineered plastics offer an alternative whereby the saddle can be molded to match the bio-mechanics of a cyclist. Additionally, it is easy to add ventilation holes on an engineered plastic saddle, which will provide you with optimum ventilation. Therefore, if you plan to train for long hours and want to remain comfortable hot weather, get yourself an engineered plastic saddle.

Handlebar Grips -- If you cycle for long hours, chances are that your hands will get sore with time. If your handlebar is made of rubber or metal, for instance, it can get really uncomfortable and dangerous after sometime especially if you sweat a lot on the palms. Through plastic engineering, manufacturers are able to produce custom made handlebar grips that can easily slide around your bike's handlebar. These handlebars are engraved with grip patterns that ensure a comfortable grip even when your palms are covered with sweat. Additionally, you can ride in the rain without fear of losing grip.  

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