Tips on Modifying Your Shipping Container into Separate Compartments for More Storage Options

Shipping containers are great for storage needs. They are robust, can accommodate a lot of items and are portable. However, you can still add more value to your storage shipping container by having it modified into different storage compartments. Read on to find out how.

How it's done:

If you're buying a shipping container that's up for sale, it's best to have it modified before delivery. This way, you will receive your container ready to use. If you already have a shipping container that you're using, you can seek a fabrication company to cut and weld the container into the desired compartments.

The size of the shipping container will determine the number of compartments you can create. A 3 metre container can easily provide two compartments, a 6 metre container will offer up to 4 compartments and a 12 metre container can provide up to 8 separate compartments. The number of compartments you create will depend on what you plan to store in them. You can also have compartments of different sizes.

Advantages of compartmentalising your storage shipping container:

There are several reasons why having your storage shipping container in separate sections makes sense.

  1. Store more items. First, you get to utilise your available storage space better. Each compartment can be filled to the brim so you don't have to leave gaps in between for navigation. Two, you'll have numerous wall space to hang items on or create shelves.
  2. Add order to your storage. With different storage compartments created, you can organise your items much easier. You can have each space storing different items such as: garden tools, yard supplies, construction materials, garage items etc. This will ensure you don't mix up items that shouldn't be stored together: different items stay separately.
  3. Make storage and retrieval easy. Thirdly, dividing your container into different compartments will ease how you manage your storage. If you need to add new items, you will know exactly which compartment to put them in. The same applies when you need to retrieve items from the container. You won't need to go through the whole shipping container. You'll just have to search through the pertinent compartment which will be easier and faster.
  4. Reinforce your shipping container. Lastly, adding compartments to your shipping container will reinforce it and make it more robust. The inner walls created will offer additional support to all the four walls and the roof too, making your container more durable and less vulnerable to accidental damage or vandalism.

In a way, dividing your shipping container into different compartment is a way of customising your storage needs. However, note that you can only do this on your own containers, not on leased or rented shipping containers. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like All Vic Containers.