3 Conveyor Solutions for Essential Oil Companies

Owning an essential oil company means having very specific equipment to extract, create, and bottle the oils you will sell. Though this may seem cut and dry, there are a few solutions that you will need to make the job easier. Here are three conveyor solutions for essential oil companies that will make the bottling and shipping process run as smoothly as possible.

Vinyl Bumpers and Covers

One of the last things that you want to happen with your essential oils is to have the bottles break during any stage of the packaging and shipping process. Even with the best conveyor solutions, you may still have issues with some cracks or breaking. This can be prevented by using vinyl bumpers and covers on the side rails and guards of the conveyor. You can have these made to fit the make and model of conveyor or special ordered to your specifications.

Hydraulic Lifts

You may not think of a hydraulic lift when you consider equipment and solutions you need for your essential oils business. The truth is that though it isn't a need, a lift like this can save you a fair amount of time and money. Traditionally staff would be hand lifting and carrying boxes or using some form of forklift to lift the packed boxes. This doesn't offer the smoothest transition from packing to transport and may result in the bottles settling oddly or breaking. A lift can offer a smooth transition and lift that is more controlled and may cause less damage overall. These lifts can be powered by remote or manually depending on your needs.

Automatic Packaging Solutions

A solution that some conveyor suppliers can offer your essential oil business are automatic packaging solutions. These solutions can lift the product from the conveyor and place it into shipping boxes and containers based on a configuration that is entered into software. You can enter in the size of the box, size of the bottles, and in some advanced software programs upload images to be used for packing purposes. The system takes this information and packs the boxes automatically. This is an ideal solution if you are worried about hand packing being less damaging than an automated solution. 

These are just three solutions you should discuss with a conveyer supply company. If you want the best possible solutions for bottling, sealing, packing, and shipping your essential oils then discuss your current situation with the supply company representative like Belle Banne Conveyor Products. They can help you determine what options may be ideal and give you a price estimate on each.