Safety Tips for Scissor Lift Operation

A scissor lift is an ideal aerial platform which extends vertically to facilitate working at height. It is highly efficient in terms of functionality, therefore the equipment is an expedient addition in industrial and construction environments. However, it is important to note that the scissor lift is a heavy machine so poor operation in general can lead to accidents and subsequent injuries. If you are thinking about hiring or purchasing this type of work platform for your project, consider using these tips to ensure safety.

Avoid Overloading

The scissor lift is a well-designed machine, but it has limitations, which should not be stretched. You should study the owner's manual and note the manufacturer's rated maximum weight capacity before the project begins. Generally, the platform can be used to support regular worksite loads as well as humans. The weight is an important factor with regard to safety because the scissor lift becomes more unstable as it extends. This is attributed to the shift of the centre of gravity. If you overload the platform, the likelihood for toppling due to a small outside force is high. You should consider transferring loads in small quantities and stages; it will take longer but you will mitigate the risk of accidents.

No Extra Height

The scissor platform should be used as constructed, according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is tempting to attempt to get a little extra height out of the elevated platform when the goal is slightly out of reach. The risk may seem harmless and even genius but the consequences could be injurious or fatal. For example, careless workers might operate the scissor lift from the back of a flatbed truck.

In ideal circumstances, the plan would be relatively flawless even with the increased instability. However, there are many variables in the worksite and even slight movement of the truck will cause a serious crash. It is also unwise to stand on the lift guardrails while working; you may lose balance and fall. Moreover, these features are installed to keep you safely confined and protected within the platform bed.

External Conditions

You should always evaluate the external working conditions before setting up the scissor lift. Do not raise the platform when the ground is uneven, soft or elevated since this will contribute to unsteadiness. You should also avoid parking the machine near open manholes or potholes as a precaution. Moreover, avoid using the scissor lift when the weather is very windy or gusty. For more information, contact a business such as Instant Scaffolding WA.