Why You Should Seek Case Inserts for Your Packaging

Case inserts have been in use for many years now. They are used inside packaging cases to hold items like tools, electronic equipment, stationery, make-up products, fittings and other items. If you manufacturer handheld items that need a controlled packaging design, case inserts can help in a number of ways. Read all about it below.

Provides a good presentation to improve sales

First, case inserts help you to create a good presentation for your products within the packaging. Thanks to the inserts, your products can be arranged in a neat and attractive manner. This helps to draw customer appeal and increase sales. Apart from the item arrangement, the color of your case inserts can further help draw attention to the prospective buyer. This is made possible by the inserts creating a background that lets your items stand out compared to those of other brands.

Prevents product movement during handling

Another clever use for inserts is to prevent movement of your products within the packaging. Such movement would ruin the original item arrangement and packaging. Secondly, movement of items within the packaging would cause aesthetic damage to your products as they rub against each other. This would create scratches or breakages, damage that would lower the value of your items to the end consumer. However, with inserts, your products remain in place despite rough handling during the supply chain process and after sale.

Absorbs shock to reduce product damage

In addition to preventing movement of products within the packaging, case inserts also help to prevent major damage as well. This refers to damage that would be caused by an accidental fall or hit to the product case. The case inserts act as shock absorbers. They take in the force so that your items remain suspended within the packaging. This function is especially crucial for delicate items like cameras, phones and eye glasses. Even after sale, the case inserts continue to protect the products inside the case, providing maximum value and product longevity to the consumer.

Offers a branding opportunity within the product packaging

Lastly, case inserts provide a unique opportunity for you as the manufacturer to add additional branding to your products. The case inserts can feature brand logos or names through print, cut-outs or stickers. This acts as a way of enforcing brand identity and further promoting your products even after sale.

Case inserts can be manufactured using plastic, rubber or foam. They can also be designed using diverse shapes to best flatter your products. Talk to a packaging team for specific advice on the best materials and designs for your product.