You Have More Choices For Air Conditioning Than You Realise!

If you need to install an air conditioning system in your home or apartment, you have more choices today than you may realise. A central unit is not the only type of air conditioner on the market today, and for those who don't want something permanently installed (such as for an apartment or rental home), there are also more choices than you might know. Certain options can also save you money compared with a central air conditioning unit. Note the following:

1. Window units

If you assume window air conditioners are big, bulky, and loud, you may be surprised by today's models. They're smaller and quieter than ever, and easier to install and remove. They typically don't need to be braced up from the back as older units did, and the smallest units especially are easy to carry and very lightweight. If you've put off looking at window units for an apartment or rental home, it's time to shop around and check out today's options.

2. Portable units

Just as there are portable space heaters, there are also portable air conditioners. These units sit on the floor and often come with wheels on the bottom so you can move them from room to room. They do need to be vented out a window, and this vent usually includes a type of screen or casement that fits into the bottom of the window so that you can close the window over it, and keep out the warm air. These are also good for apartments and rental homes, for when you want to be able to take your air conditioner with you when you move. They also don't block the light coming in from the window, as do window air conditioning units.

3. Split system units

A split system unit is directly vented outside your home, rather than going through ductwork like a central unit. It's meant for just one room or large space; these are the types of units you see in hotel rooms. A split system unit can use less electricity than a central unit as it's just cooling that one large area and not the entire home, but it is a permanently installed option. If you have a large family room or other living space that you want to keep cool without cooling the entire house, consider having a split system installed in this area.

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