4 Useful Yet Cheap Tools for the Weekend Warrior

There are some areas of DIY that require the proper tools for the job and these can often be expensive. But for many, general DIY jobs, you can get away with using cheaper versions of the more expensive tools. Sometimes, when you are carrying out a five minute DIY fix, a cheap tool is as useful as an expensive one, as they will both do the same job. This article looks at some of the most inexpensive tools that you should have in your toolbox.

Adjustable Wrench

It is, of course, possible to purchase an expensive wrench set, giving you every size of wrench you will possibly need. However, you will find that you will not require every single wrench; they will sit in the toolbox while you constantly use the other sizes. An adjustable wrench is the answer, as it can be adjusted to fit the sizes of the most popular fittings. Adjustable wrenches can be picked up inexpensively and you will get great mileage out of it over the years.

Long Pry Bar

Although you can pick up expensive and elaborate styles and designs for a pry bar, most of it is for show. What you need is a tool that will do the job it has been made for. You can pick up long (about three feet) pry bars very inexpensively, and they will do the job exactly as you require.

If you purchase a pry bar with a handle and it falls off, you can replace the handle and continue to use the bar. Don't be tempted to go for the snazzy, expensive bars; they will only be able to do the same job as a cheap pry bar.

Ratchet Clamp

These are great for clamping materials down as you work on them. Ratchet clamps are usually made from plastic, and use a trigger mechanism to tighten them. But they do an excellent job, and in many cases, the same job as a proper clamp or vice. If you only occasionally need to use clamps, pick up a set of plastic clamps; they are great value for money.

Rubber Mallet

This tool can be picked up very inexpensively, and will still do what it is meant to. Of course, you can buy a branded rubber mallet, but while it will cost much more than a cheaper version, it will only be able to do the same job. Cheap rubber mallets are very versatile, making sure you get great value for your money.

Many people mistakenly believe that if you buy expensive tools, you will somehow be able to do a better job than using cheap tools. This is not always the case, as the level of craftsmanship boils down to individual skill and experience. Get an idea of your other options by consulting companies like WA Lifting Equipment.