Consider Some Materials Handling Equipment for the Office

When thinking of materials handling equipment, you may think of pieces that are needed and used by contractors who work construction or building repair. While these ones may be the most common users of materials handling equipment, there are many pieces that can be considered for use in the office. These pieces of equipment can keep your office workers safe and make their everyday jobs much easier. Note a few suggestions for materials handling equipment you might consider for your office.

1. Scissor lift carts

You might have a dolly or hand truck for use by your office staff when they receive a heavy package or something delicate, but a hand truck means that they still need to lift the package in order to open it. A scissor lift cart allows you to put the package on a flat surface and then the scissors lift the package as needed. You can more readily access the contents of the package without lifting it first, and in turn, this can keep you and the contents of the package safer. If anyone in your office regularly gets large, heavy packages, or packages of delicate items that can easily be damaged if dropped when opened, consider investing in a scissor lift cart for their use.

2. Recycling bins and hoppers

If you'd like to encourage your office workers to recycle their plastic bottles, papers, and other such items, one of the best things you can do is provide recycling bins and hoppers for their use. In an employee kitchen, you might bring in a large recycling hopper for plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Bins can be put by desks for recycling paperwork. You can purchase any of these on wheels so that they're easier to move in and out of the office when it's time to bring them to a recycling center.

3. Conveyors

Conveyors are very easy to install in any area and can make delivery or hauling of items easier in the office. A conveyor with rollers can be installed along a wall and used to slide heavy boxes or other bulky equipment from one end of the office to the other, without having to risk using a hand truck. If your office staff sends out heavy packages regularly, such as when mailing sample materials or sales packets, these conveyors can be installed between their office and the shipping area or even the front desk. Remember that when office staff uses a hand cart to move heavy packages, they may risk injuring themselves physically, and there is also the risk of packages falling off the cart. Consider a conveyor that will make it easier on your staff and protect your packages as well.

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