Aging Farmers: Four Liftgate Modification Ideas To Make Your Ute Easier To Use

If you are having extra aches and pains or a loss of strength due to aging or accidents, you may need to modify many of the things you do around the farm. Fortunately, in many cases, you can also make routine tasks easier just by investing in new or modified equipment. If loading the back of your ute is getting difficult, it may be time to modify your liftgate. Here are four ideas to consider:

1. Replace your heavy liftgate with a lightweight composite one

One of the most exciting things happening in the world of trucks right now is the use of lightweight materials. Car manufacturers are figuring out how to make utes that are lightweight enough to enjoy fuel efficiency but also heavy enough to hold their ground and avoid tipping. Even if you are not in the market for a new ute, you can take advantage of this industry shift. Simply replace your existing liftgate with a lightweight composite one. You will find it easier to open and shut your liftgate than you do now, regardless of your strength or energy levels.

2. Consider a power liftgate

If a lightweight liftgate won't solve your problems, consider one that opens and closes on its own. You simply flip a switch in the cab when you need to load or unload, and then, you do the same when you need to close the bed of the ute.

3. Install a hydraulic lifting liftgate

In other cases, it may not be the opening or closing of the liftgate giving you trouble. Instead, it may be lifting and loading items into the bed of the truck that gives you trouble. To make that easier, you need a hydraulic lifting liftgate.

These gates can extend from the ute bed onto the ground. Once the lift is at ground level, you can slide on boxes, hay bales or other gear. Then, you simply flip a switch and the gate lifts your load to the level of the truck. From there, you can just push the load into the truck. Hydraulic lifting gates also make unloading easier.

4. Add a ramp

If you don't want to invest in a hydraulic lifting liftgate, consider adding a ramp. You often see ramps built into the back of delivery trucks or removals trucks, but you can easily add them to your own ute as well. These ramps slide into the truck bed, and after you release the gate, you just pull out the ramp, and then, you can easily load or unload your ute with dollies full of cargo.