Choosing the Correct Air Cannon: 2 Top Tips

If you operate an industrial manufacturing company, you will understand the serious impact which blockages can have in your pipes and other delivery systems. If you are unable to pump or transport materials from one location to another or to transport them to the machines which produce your products, you will soon see that the productivity and profitability of your company take a hit. One way of tackling this issue is to invest in an air cannon which can fire powerful jets of air into pipes in order to remove any material which is clogging them. [Read More]

How to Reduce Energy Expenses of your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Being a business owner or property manager, you know that a small oversight could turn into a costly issue over time. This is why it's critically essential to make sure the HVAC system runs effectively throughout the year. Preventative maintenance and simple routines can make a difference in your commercial air conditioning system. Conduct an energy audit How much energy does your building use each day, week or month? Are there some periods that are the most expensive when it comes to utility costs? [Read More]

Engineering Plastic Components That Cycling Enthusiasts Should Consider For Their Bicycles

As an ardent cyclist, you always want to derive the best experience out of your bicycle. This is especially the case if you participate in local cycling competitions often. During such competitions, the difference between a good performance and a bad one depends on the capabilities of your bike by a big factor. Nonetheless, technology has provided a range of features and components that can give you the much-desired competitive edge, for instance, engineered plastics. [Read More]

3 Tips That Commercial Building Managers Should Know About Fire Safety Procedures For Persons With Disabilities

Every year, scores of people get killed or injured by building fires across the globe. The risks related to fires are unique when it comes to people living with disabilities. In the event of a fire, people with disabilities face challenges that further increase the risk of death and injury. Without a helping hand, an individual with a disability is likely to be caught up in an emergency and unable to escape the building. [Read More]