3 Key Accessibility Features to Look For in Portable Toilets

If you need to hire portable toilets for an event, then you should include some facilities for disabled or handicapped people. You can do this easily enough by adding some accessible toilets to your order.

Before you hire these toilets, however, you should make sure that you choose suitable services and features. What should you look for?

1. Easy Access

A portable toilet should be easy to access. A wheelchair user should be able to wheel themselves into the toilet without help; a handicapped person should be able to walk into the toilet safely.

So, look for no-step toilets with level access. If you don't have level access, then look for models with entry ramps. Avoid using portaloos that are mounted on trailers. Even if you add ramps to these toilets, some people might not be able to access them easily.

You should also consider interior access at this point. The toilet should have plenty of handrails. You should have rails near the toilet itself to help people get on and off the seat. Rails around basins and at the door can also give people extra support if they need it.

Some portaloos come with self-closing doors. This is also a useful option. If someone is in a wheelchair, then they can't necessarily come out of the toilet to close the door once they are inside. If a door closes itself, they will be able to lock it from their chair.

2. A Roomy Interior

People in wheelchairs need a bigger portable toilet space than the norm. You need cabins that are big enough to hold a wheelchair and the person in it when they use the toilet.

Ideally, a wheelchair user could wheel themselves straight inside the cabin and will have room to position their chair by the toilet. They won't feel cramped when they move from their chair to the toilet seat.

Some people also need help in the toilet. So, cabins should be big enough to allow someone else to stand in the space while the person in the wheelchair uses the toilet and washes their hands.

3. A Baby Change Table

Accessible portable toilets can also double up as baby change facilities. The larger size of these toilets makes them more comfortable for parents to use when they need to change a baby or take their child to the toilet.

So, look for accessible toilets that contain a drop-down baby changing table. This table won't take up any space when it isn't used, but it makes these toilets more versatile for different people attending your event.

To find out more about your options, contact portable toilet rental companies.