Why Air Cannons Are Commonly Used When Cleaning Out Grain Bins

If you have grain bins on your property, then you might know that you have to regularly clean out your grain bins, such as before you're having them refilled. There are different ways that you can clean out your grain bins, but if you don't have an air cannon that you use as part of the process, then you might not be cleaning out your grain bins in the best possible way. Air cannons are commonly used for cleaning out grain bins and might be a good investment for you and your farming operation for these reasons and more.

They Don't Contaminate the Feed

One concern that you might have when cleaning out your grain bins is the possibility of contaminating the bins, which can result in contaminating the feed that is later added to the bins. For example, you might be confused about using harsh chemicals when cleaning out your grain bins because you could be worried that those chemicals could cause harm to your livestock. If your livestock is raised for food, then you could be worried about the meat being contaminated.

Luckily, harsh chemicals really are not necessary for cleaning out your grain bins. Instead, you can simply use an air cannon, which simply uses pressurized air without using any chemicals at all. If preventing contamination is of the utmost concern for you, then an air cannon is going to be the right choice.

They Work Quickly

If you run a farming operation, you might always find yourself short on time. After all, you might have a lot of land to take care of, a lot of animals to feed, and more. Because of this, it's important to find fast and efficient ways to do things like clean out your grain bins. Plus, when a grain truck arrives to fill your grain bins up with fresh feed, you might not have much time to clean out your grain bins. Luckily, air cannons can work very quickly and efficiently as cleaning out your grain bins, so you can get this job done in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take.

They Work Effectively

Of course, when cleaning out your grain bin, it's important to get the job done effectively. After all, you don't want old grain sitting around in your grain bins, where it could get mouldy. Luckily, when used properly, air cannons can be very effective at cleaning out grain bins.