Tank Pumps | 3 Vigilant Deliberations When Buying A Pump For Your Home's Water Tank

Water pumps or pressure pumps are vital for pushing pressurised tank water from the tank into the different taps inside your home. These tank pumps are ideal for both indoor and outdoor water applications, whether you're looking to bathe or water your garden. But choosing tank pumps can be overwhelming when you're buying them for the first time. This guide helps you assess your priorities and necessities when buying a pump for your home's water tank.

Consider The Home And Tank Distance

The distance between your home and water tank is one of the most important deliberations because you will need powerful tank pumps if your tank is further from your home or if you have a property with multiple floor levels. Some tank pumps are meant only for single-storey properties or for short distances between homes and tanks, while others are more suited to multi-storey homes or buildings with larger distances. If you're moving water against greater gravitational heights, look for more powerful tank pumps with the capacity to reach different floor levels with ease.

Think Of The Water Pressure You Require In Your Home

You must consider the level of water pressure you require in your home. The level of water pressure is typically measured by the amount of litres used per minute. The pressure will depend on the specific water component you are using. For instance, tank water with low flow rates is acceptable for washing machines and toilets because you don't necessarily use them instantly. But if you need the water for showers, taps and hosing gardens, then you'll need tank pumps with higher pressure to push out water faster for specific actions in your home.

Decide What Sound Level You Are Okay With

The sound created by tank pumps may also be a key consideration because you obviously don't want it to irritate your daily lifestyle. Some pumps are noisy, while others are marketed as quieter pumps with minimal sounds. If noise is a major concern for you, consider immerse-able tank pumps under water because this can stifle sound considerably. Keep in mind that you can never find completely soundless pumps, but you can reduce sound by enclosing them with pump covers. Pump covers protect pumps from external weather elements, while stifling sounds. Make sure this cover is big enough to enable seamless airflow for preventing overheating.

Tank pumps are important to ensure uninterrupted and proper pressure water supply in your home, so consider these factors when buying a pump for your water tank.