3 Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows refers to windows that have two panes of glass, with a layer of air or a type of inert gas in between the panes. These windows are becoming very popular today, since they are more energy-efficient; they allow less heat to escape the home during winter months and less heat to enter the home during summer months. 

However, double glazed windows have many other surprising advantages beyond reducing your utility bills throughout the year. Note a few of those advantages here so you can determine if they're a good investment for your home when you need your windows replaced. 

1. Noise Insulation

The layer of air or gas between the panes of glass acts as a noise insulator for windows. This can mean a quieter home, which is good for anyone to consider, but especially those who live near a freeway, school, and the like. This noise insulation also works both ways, in that it keeps the noise from your home less noticeable to neighbors. If you're worried about your music being too loud or the movies you like to watch with stereo sound, especially if your neighbors are very close to you, consider double glazed windows.

2. Condensation

Condensation on windows can lead to mold and mildew growth on the walls and the window frames. Mold and mildew both spread very easily and are very damaging to your home's building materials and even to your overall health, as mold spores can become airborne so that you breathe them in. Double glazed windows cut down on condensation so that your windows stay cleaner and you have less risk of mold and mildew developing around the window frames. You also don't need to wipe away this condensation in the morning when it forms so you can see out your windows.

3. Security

Breaking two panes of glass means more work for a burglar than breaking just one pane of glass, especially if you choose windows that are laminated or that are otherwise security enhanced. Even if a potential intruder did break the outer pane of glass, the sound can alert you inside the home or alert neighbors to their presence, and police can be called. If someone were to accidentally break the outer pane of glass, you wouldn't need to call an emergency glass repair technician as you would still have the inner pane protecting you and your home. This can mean avoiding the increased fee of emergency glass repair, as you could then schedule the repair as is convenient and affordable.