The Most Common Car Air Conditioning Problems You Might Face

Your car's air conditioner usually works for years without any problems, but once it fails, it can be very irritating. No matter the problem with the air conditioner, you don't want to assume that it simply needs a recharge of refrigerant, as there are many other problems that you may be facing from the system. Note a few very common car air conditioning problems you might encounter; even if you can't fix them on your own, you can know what to expect from your repair person.

1. Noise from the system

If you notice an odd or loud sound from under your car's hood when you turn on the air conditioner, this could be a sign that the system's compressor is about to fail. However, there are some other problems to consider, one being that there is air in the compressor lubricant or fluid. This causes the hoses to knock around when you turn on the air conditioner.

Another common problem is that hoses along the air conditioner system have come loose. You can follow the line of hoses from the system's compressor to the dashboard area and note if there are any connectors that are loose or missing.

2. Intermittent cooling

If the air conditioner starts out cool and then gets warm and then gets cool again, this often means that there is excess moisture around the compressor or the hoses. This moisture can freeze up so that no coolant gets through, and then gets warm as the air gets warm. Once the air gets cool again, this moisture then freezes up again. Very often having the air conditioner pumped or vacuumed or otherwise flushed can get this extra moisture out of the system and in turn, your cooling will be more consistent.

3. Bad odours

Mould and mildew can easily build up in an air conditioner, and in turn, you may get a very bad odour from the fan every time you turn it on. You may also have a lot of dust and dirt in the cab of your vehicle, and as you turn on the vent fan, this gets moved around with the air. You may be able to notice what you consider a dusty or dirty smell. Flushing out your air conditioner can help remove mould and mildew inside and wiping down your car's interior along with a good vacuuming, including cleaning the vents, can help eliminate these odours and keep your air conditioning system clean.